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How It Works


Quickly Create a Webstore

Work with your Business Innovations Sales Representative to easily create your custom webstore. Our OrderWrite platform makes complicated orders simple.


Conveniently Collect Orders

Shoppers login and place orders. You now capture each person’s size, color/style choice, and their ship-to details. Stress-free information collection! No guesswork.


Payment & Reporting Options

Our secure site allows for individual credit cards, payroll deductions, employee allowances, or corporate billing. Manage your store activity through your reporting portal.


Flexible Shipping

Items can be packed per individual, labeled with name, location, and department. Choose between bulk shipping options or individual/home locations.

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“I’ve used Business Innovations for over two years to buy and deliver our uniform bulk orders to multiple branches. The OrderWrite platform delivers an enjoyable experience for my whole team. It is convenient and saves me so much time. ”

Credit Union HR Coordinator

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