Together, We Make a Difference.

We invest over 20% of our profits to charitable causes. One initiative supports the lives of widows, school children, and young professionals in Tanzania

“Sponsoring a child* in Africa is how it began, but it has become so much more, and now it’s at the core of how Business Innovations operates.”

*Business Innovations sponsors children and has built a network of business partnerships in the region that engage in the Tanzanian internship program.

We think any business that gives back is a good business to do business with.

Just saying yes changed everything.

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“The story begins in 2014 with a family mission trip to a remote village in Tanzania where we sponsored one little girl, but we ended up going down a winding path before we came back to her and realized we could do so much more.”

Giving Back.

In 2022, our founder flew to Tanzania to help some friends run a business seminar for local professionals and business owners. However, once there, he became enthralled with the tales of these young graduates and the locals, and he became 100 percent invested in helping them make sustainable connections that could put them to work.

However, getting on a flight to Africa wasn’t an easy “yes” for him. As a founder and CEO, he’s a busy man. Eventually, his colleagues wore him down. He found some rare flexibility in his calendar, and after praying on it, he decided to go.

As he puts it, once those nine days were up, he came back a different man.

What changed everything for him wasn’t the work with the inspiring business owners or the grit and endurance of the interns—it was the moment he met the family of the young ballerina his family had sponsored for over nine years.

During his visit, he sat across from the woman and her two daughters, to whom his wife had written a fifty-dollar sponsorship check each month. As he sat opposite the widow and mother of two, the mother looked him in the eye and asked Alf to tell his wife and their son that their contribution had changed her family’s life. This family had been nothing more than a withdrawal from his bank account for over nine years, but when he saw the impact of that check, he was humbled and moved.

When the family told him that his wife and son had changed her daughter’s life, they had no clue that the man they were speaking to was the one who wrote the checks.

Although he had traveled to Africa numerous times previously, he had never met this family before, and their words profoundly moved him. Combined with the events of the business seminar and the determination of the Tanzanian business people, Alf decided he could do so much more, and so he did. Alf built giving back right into his business model.

That means whenever someone does business with us, they, too, are giving back.

Business Innovations may sell branded merchandise that helps businesses connect with their people, but we also invest over 10 % of our profits in people and organizations that help communities flourish. It only makes sense.

Promote With Purpose

With us, you’re making lasting connections that make the world a better place.

Just say yes to promoting with purpose.

“We not only contribute to the community but actively engage with our clients to multiply our impact, offering branded merch, volunteer hours, and financial sponsorships.

Through the years, we have donated untold amounts of corporate donations that have supported the lives of those in  need.

This brings us joy! “



-Business Innovations

Giving Back To Our Community

Generosity Is One of Our Core Values.

We love giving back… to our community, to people across the country, to people around the world.

If you have a charity event and are looking for branded merch, reach out to our team.